Solar Partners

Choosing the right partner for your renewable energy project is important. That’s why DFA Energy has partnered with Jordan Energy and Third Sun Solar to provide expertise in site analysis, project planning, ongoing support, member-only pricing and assistance in identifying incentives on energy projects. These companies have been vetted by the Cooperative to ensure their values and goals align with your energy needs. 

Jordan Energy 

Jordan Energy has assisted members in the northeast, southeast, and western United States with solar power production on their dairy operations. Since its formation in 2007, Jordan Energy has developed 100 solar projects totaling over 12 megawatts of renewable energy production and has an additional 25 megawatts in development.


Third Sun Solar 

Third Sun Solar is a trusted energy partner throughout the Midwest. Since its establishment in 2000, Third Sun Solar has developed more than 800 solar projects totaling 12 megawatts of renewable energy production, including dozens for dairy and farm producers.