Take the first step in evaluating your energy usage

Improving your energy efficiency not only protects the environment, but also your bottom line. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce energy costs on the farm, and it helps to have an expert to walk you through the process. That’s why DFA Energy has partnered with EnSave, a leading agricultural energy efficiency consulting firm, to offer its agricultural energy efficiency audits to you. EnSave will provide an individualized plan, with cost-effective ways your operation can reduce costs and save energy. 

Some of the areas of your operation EnSave will focus on include lighting systems, milk cooling and other milking equipment. Common recommendations include upgrading to more efficient compact fluorescent lamps or LED lights, utilizing a pre-cooler or installing variable-speed drives or plate coolers. 

Energy audits and installing the recommended upgrades are often eligible for a number of state and federal cost-share programs, include EQIP and REAP grants. Our experts at DFA Energy can help you navigate those programs. 

How the process works:

  • Call DFA Energy to express your interest in an energy audit  

  • ​DFA Energy will schedule the audit with EnSave and research any cost-sharing programs available to you through state and federal organizations  
  • EnSave will audit your lighting, milk cooling and equipment, ventilation systems and more  

  • Following the audit, EnSave will provide an audit report detailing your current energy usage and offer recommendations of energy efficient replacement equipment and alternative processes to reduce your energy usage  

  • DFA Energy will coordinate with its partners at DFA Farm Supplies for equipment and installation discounts, and DFA Financing for assistance in funding any additional energy efficient improvements you choose to make  

  • DFA Energy will provide assistance in navigating programs such as Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Rural Energy for America Program, which can provide funding for completing EnSave’s recommendations
Let us help you schedule an audit Let us help you schedule an audit