Digester Partners

DFA members are at the forefront of identifying new technologies and farm practices that promote and enhance environmental stewardship. To further support our members in the area of sustainability, the Cooperative entered into a strategic alliance with Vanguard Renewables to provide additional tools and resources that DFA members can access toward the development of anaerobic digester technology.


Anaerobic digester technology brings several benefits to the dairy sector and surrounding communities that range from on-farm renewable energy production to nutrient management enhancements, however, navigating the project development and implementation process can be cumbersome and challenging for many dairy producers. Presently, Vanguard Renewables is working with several DFA members to develop collaborative anaerobic digester business models that incorporate farm and food waste. Vanguard Renewables has the capabilities to aggregate a broad portfolio of resources ranging from technology providers, food processing and government support programs to successfully develop a project.